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I still scratch my head at how it took this long for me to discover estate sales. My husband Nic introduced me to them a few years back and weekends have never been the same. Washington, DC is an estate sale wonderland. With people who have lived such big, fascinating, international lives, our sales feel like shopping in a museum where everything must go. Estate-ing after Sunday morning yoga has become a sacred ritual for me.

Most of the time, true to form, I buy nothing. But when we do buy, it’s always a lifetime purchase.

Some finds:

- An original Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket for $50 ($499 new). We’re still kicking ourselves for not buying the other 2!

- A $1200 set of 5 knives for $100. New West Knife Works in Wyoming is refurbishing them as we speak, due to an amazing lifetime guarantee. Need a serious knife? Support them. They’re great.

- My favorite gold Cross pen for $14.

- A really cool huge vintage 48 star American flag for $60. A want, not a need… but for some reason my heart stopped when I saw it. I’ll sure need it when I live on a ranch like Ralph Lauren one day.

- For my sister, a mint condition French oak console with a cane shelf for $200. This is what Restoration Hardware tries to be. 1st Dibs would kill for this piece.

- So much like-new Le Creuset for what feels like pennies.

- A $26 oil painting that was always meant to be mine:

The. List. Goes. On.

Friends, estatesales.net will change you forever if you live for the hunt, crave one-of-a-kind items full of love and patina, shop with the motto “buy it for life,” and love a good 90% off deal. Their app is even better than the site. Just put in your zip code and see what’s in your neighborhood this weekend!

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