Dissecting a Messy Office: What's Wrong With This Picture?

My client’s ex-husband’s office was immortalized in this photo that we found it while organizing her photos.  Aside from the obvious, what’s wrong with this picture? How many Inspired Office rules are being broken here?







  1. Tone-on-tone palate gone wrong. Off-white, walnut, and brown upholstery can be breathtaking in Elle Decor, but aren't quite doing it for me here.
  2. Broken things all over the place.  Your chair is one of the last things in the office that is allowed to be less than perfectly functional.
  3. No filing system within arms reach.   It absolutely doesn’t have to be a filing cabinet, but the type of person who starts with a situation like this usually desperately needs either a rolling cart, step racks, or wall pockets to keep what’s important front and center.
  4. I’m not seeing any lines drawn in the sand between categories, are you?
  5. He’s facing a wall.  The ideal arrangement for any desk is to be facing the room and door.

Nothing beautiful.  Offices should be just as beautiful as your favorite room. Every office should have at least one object or photo that you absolutely love.