Buried in medical claims paperwork? Hire a medical claims professional.

Hire a medical claims professional to handle large amounts of medical claims paperwork and cleaning up claims after a medical event.

In cleaning out my own Evernote this week I found a gem of an article that can no longer be found online (another reason why saving articles to Evernote is superior to bookmarks!). 

This one happens to be a tear-out that I photographed while working with a client to thin her newspaper clippings. Medical Paperwork Syndrome is from Ellen Schultz’s Conquering Retirement section of the Wall Street Journal, explaining how to pair up with a Claims Assistance Professional if you’re overwhelmed by the task cleaning up your claims after a major medical event. One of my long-term clients worked with one such professional after his wife sadly and suddenly died of cancer. He was able to hand off tattered piles of bills and mail, and out she churned a wealth of relief, peace of mind, and money. I’ve seen what they do firsthand and it’s an invaluable service for anyone facing this burden. As an organizer, I can meticulously sort your medical bills, claims, and test results, but that only takes you so far. 

If you’re at a standstill with dealing with medical claims, please reach out to a Claims Assistance Professional (and an organizer who is a wiz with paper!). 

Read the Wall Street Journal article here.
Find a Claims Assistance Professional here via the nonprofit Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals.
Don’t be deterred if you don’t see one in your area. Many work long-distance.

Have you ever worked with a Claims Assistance Pro? Do you know someone who has?  If so, please share in the comments!

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