An app for discovering your peak time of day


When I teach time management and productivity to groups I always poll the room to see when throughout the day people think they operate at their peak.  On average, 9 out of 10 say morning.  I’d choose morning, too, but have always wondered a few things about this: - Do I think my magic hours are in the morning because this is what the studies show?

- If morning is the peak time, when?  7am?  11am?- What if my peak time is actually some obscure time that has never found me doing work?


As with so many of life’s great questions, there’s now an app that will answer this.  Ari Meisel over a has developed the Peak Time app. Using a simple psychological test called the “tap test,” the app calculates your personal peak time.  Accuracy improves the more you take the tap test at various times throughout the day.  If I’m diligent about this, I’ll know my peak time in 24 hrs.  My guess: I can compose symphonies and learn languages in minutes at 7am - when I’m just starting to stir…

What’s your guess?  Who’s going to try this app with me!? Please share in the comments below.

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