A tech-free desk?

Imagine sitting down at a desk that is straight out of the 20th century: beautiful pens, favorite notebooks, blank paper, perhaps some art supplies, not a device in sight. Believe it or not, you can get away with a tech-free desk -  if it’s your second desk.  This is something I’ve dreamed of. It’s just not possible yet in my guest room/office, but in my next home, the two desk office will be top priority.

Melissa Griffin says in her article “Why two desks will increase your productivity”:

Your no-technology-allowed desk is where you brainstorm, create ideas, and start putting them into action. If you’re a designer, it might be where you sketch some logo ideas. If you’re a blogger, perhaps you’ll map out future post ideas. Keep your tech-free supplies at this desk (or nearby) for easy access. Leave your phone, computer, tablet, roomba, and anything else that needs a battery at your other desk. Over time, this tech-free space will give you permission to do your work without feeling like you need to check in with the world every 12 minutes. 

Read more about boosting productivity with two desks at one of my favorite blogs for bloggers, The Nectar Collective.

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