A service to upload, stream (& store) your CDs

A person who has an affinity for information on paper is more likely than most to have an affinity for real CDs.  We all know that there are countless ways to stream music online, but my clients are good at poking holes in all of them.  Either they don’t want to pay for a full digital music service such as Apple Music or Spotify, or they understandably aren’t eager to sit and upload one CD at a time into iTunes - even if they still have the outdated hardware means to do so.  Maybe they have a pretty full music collection in CD format, and simply want digital access to their library - nothing less, nothing more.

I was just reminded of a fabulous online music resource that meets the CD lover in the middle of a full digital or a full hard copy CD collection. Starting at $.99/CD and $99/year you can mail your CDs to Murfie.com where they upload them and even store them if you choose.  You’ll be able to download your music from there AND stream it from their app.  It certainly comes with a cost, but for the CD lover who just can’t abandon their curated collection to swim in the sea of music available online, this could be the answer. 

Learn more about storing and streaming your music at Murfie.com

Have you tried Murfie.com or could you see yourself mailing your CD collection off to them?  If so, how many CDs do you own?  Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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