A Day in the Life of a Minimalist


Joshua Millburn, half of the famous duo, "The Minimalists" guest posted A Day in the Life of a Minimalist on Leo Baubata's Zen Habits blog. You’ll agree that Joshua has absolutely earned the label “minimalist,” not just by buying less, but also scouring his days for superfluities, thus, finding true breathing space in his life. This is one of the most unique and inspiring “day in the life” posts I have ever read, stressing habits over routines.

An excerpt: "After my meal, I walked to my favorite coffee shop, ordered an herbal tea, used their Internet connection to check my email and publish some writing online, then visited with some of the regulars (as well as some strangers). There were 37 emails in my inbox, which was okay as I only check email two or three times per week."

I think solid routines are the gateway to developing habits like Joshua’s. The tone of his post is one of ease, not someone who is trying to forcefully break bad habits (which is how I feel sometimes when planning my days). As extreme as his habits seem, it also seems as if he has settled into a natural, effortless flow.

In invite you to read A Day in the Life of a Minimalist and share in the comments which habits you are willing to develop or break, how you plan to do it, and when!

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