A beautiful poem found amongst the bills, notes, and mail

Every so often I find something amongst the papers that gives me pause.  It’s the hope of finding these gems that makes it so hard for my clients to just "dump it all into the trash,” as many claim they would like to do, but know they can’t.  It’s not just overdue bills we’re worried about tossing, but rather the shreds with soul that inspire and reaffirm the goals we are moving towards.  My client took a few minutes to read this, her favorite poem, to me. Read Ithaka by C.P. Cavity, a beautiful poem on the journey of life, below. Sure, I could have sent you to a web link on a poetry site, but I think most of you will relate to the wrinkles and stains that give patina to the things that really matter amongst the rubble. Enjoy.  

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