5 Reader Favorites: A Roundup

A roundup of Kacy Paide’s most popular blog posts about organizing.

I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’ve written 475 blog posts, especially since I absolutely do not consider myself to be a blogger. In 2008 I started sending a weekly newsletter. That first one went out to under 100 people.  Nine years later I’m still (sort-of) sending it weekly, but I average over one post per week. Newsletters are converted into blog posts, so are written with my few thousand loyal readers in mind - not the great wide faceless internet.  This is why I think of myself as a business owner with a newsletter instead of a blogger.

Clients and prospects on the phone are constantly referring back to my blog posts and it’s hilarious how many times I think they’re falsely attributing something to me because I don’t remember writing it!  This little round-up is a collection of posts that either I’ve been sharing a lot lately, or that clients tell me have helped them, or were the post that got them to finally pick up the phone to call me.  Enjoy.

1 - Are you keeping tax records too long? April 2018

This one gets shared a lot this time of year. Its first iteration went out in 2017. For clients who still  keep 7 years of tax records, I send them the above post that links to this page on the IRS site that states otherwise. (I keep 3 years of supporting documents, and keep my tax returns forever.)

2 - Do I have to remove the staples when recycling paper? November 2014

No! Neither do you have to remove metal spirals and much more. In this post I link to an article that breaks down the process of what happens to our paper when it hits the recycling plant.


3 - A mantra for information junkies November 2018

This post is only a few months old, but many clients have told me it was tremendously helpful and/or they shared it with a loved one who clings tightly to “good information."  The mantra shared in here has been repeated in so many sessions since November. It’s a keeper.

4 - My thoughts on one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged filing systems September 2017

I re-stated what’s shared here just a few days ago when a prospective new client told me that it was time to admit that her Freedom Filer wasn’t pulling its weight. She was relieved to know that it was perfectly ok to kick it to the curb.

5 - Video: How I organized my mom’s office March 2017 You never know what’s going to strike a chord with YouTube viewers. My mom and I organizing her workstation certainly did. Over 8000 people have watched this one!  Since 2017 many people, clients and otherwise, have told me how they enjoyed this video “because it was so real.” One client even has a favorite line: “How many pads of paper does one girl need?"

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