Well Known People From Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and is home to seventy-two landmarks which are visited by millions each year. However, it is also home to many well known and famous individuals. Here is a list of some of the famous characters who were born in Washington D.C. 

1. Bill Nye
Born on November 27, 1955, Bill Nye is a well-known television host who began his career as a sketch comedian and from 1993 to 1998 entertained countless children with his show Bill Nye the Science guy. Bill is also the author of numerous educational books on subjects such as dinosaurs, algebra, the ocean and science. 

2. Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson was born December 21, 1948, is an actor, producer and civil rights activist who won in 1994, for his role as Jules Winnfield in the classic film, Pulp Fiction a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor Award. He has starred in many beloved films such as the Star Wars prequel trilogy as Mace Windu, The Negotiator, Jurassic Park, Sphere, The Negotiator: The Secret Service, Jackie Brown, and much more. 

3. Marvin Gaye
Born April 2, 1939, Marvin Gaye grew up in “Simple City· with his two sisters and three brothers. He had to deal with a lot of abuse by his father and yet became a Soulful Motown icon famous for songs such as “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Sexual Healing” which won a Grammy. He, unfortunately, passed away on April 1, 1984, at the young age of forty-four and was posthumously awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. 

4. John F. Kennedy Jr. 
Born November 25, 1960, John F. Kennedy Jr. was the son of President John F. Kennedy; he was a magazine editor who graduated from Brown University in 1983 with a Bachelor's Degree in history. He tragically died in 1999, at the age of thirty-eight when his plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean off of Martha's Vineyard. 

5. Al Gore
Born March 31, 1948, he was captain of his high school football team and at Harvard was roommates with the well-known actor, Tommy Lee Jones. From 1985 to 1993 he was a US Senator from Tennessee and from 1993 to 2001 he was Vice President of the United States. In 2000 he ran for president, he was able to win the popular vote but did not clinch the electoral college. 

These are just five well-known people from Washington, DC. There are many famous politicians and celebrities from Washington DC such as Dave Batista, Mya, Katherine Heigl, Goldie Hawn, Christopher Meloni, Tim Gunn, Duke Ellington, Judge Joe Brown. Samira Wiley, Louis CK, Kevin Alston, Jake Roper, Claire Marshall, Maury Povich, Dave Chappelle, Stephen Colbert, Jon Bernthal, Michael Ealy, Alyson Hannigan, Gabe Newell, Andrew Luck, Zak Bagans, Isa Thompson, Isabelle Fuhrman and much more. If you have anyone who you think may originally be from the nation's capital, look them up, you may be surprised and find out that they actually are.