Looking At Washington DC Sports Teams

The nation's capital might be much more known for politics than it is for sports, but that doesn't mean residents are short on options when it comes to enjoying high-quality sports. There is a variety of college, professional, and semi-professional sports teams that allow residents of the District of Columbia to enjoy the full range of athletic events that sports fans of many other larger cities also get to enjoy.

NFL's The Washington Redskins

Although the name continues to create controversy, the Redskins are a team with a long and proud tradition that even includes a Super Bowl victory. Located in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants, the Redskins are the only major football option in the nation's capital for fans.

MLB's Washington Nationals

Despite being America's past time, there were no professional baseball teams until recently. The most recent expansion to major league baseball brought in the Washington Nationals, a team that has proven strong even in the very beginning of their existence. If they can keep the young homegrown talent in, they will provide plenty of great years of baseball in the seasons to come.

Based out of the National League, the appropriately named Nationals have done the capital city proud and appear to be serious play-off contenders for this year as well as much more to come.

NBA's Washington Wizards

The Wizards are Washington's NBA franchise, bringing professional basketball to the city. They are partially owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan, who also played for them in the last season of his playing career. The Wizards bring professional NBA basketball to the city and are based out of the storied Eastern Conference who hosts teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat in additional to traditional big-market teams like the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics.

Georgetown Hoyas

Washington DC is also home to Georgetown, a prestigious university that is well known for having a strong basketball program that often makes serious waves during the NCAA tournament. They aren't professionals, but they bring some March Madness to the city and a well-deserved tremor of electricity and excitement to sports fans. There's just something about the college game.

NHL Washington Capitals

While they don't get nearly the attention that many of the other major pro and college sports teams do, the Washington Capitals are based out of D.C. and bring professional hockey to the city during those cold winter months on the East Coast. While they might not have seen the same level of success as the Redskins or Nationals, they bring plenty of joy to hockey fans who think the best sports are all on ice!

D.C. United

D.C. United is the professional soccer team located in the city. Major League Soccer has seen major jumps in popularity in recent years, and it should make sense that the city of Washington would embrace a popular sport that is home growing more and more athletes to become truly competitive professional players at the highest level.

As you can see when it comes to sports in DC, there are many options available.