About Kacy

Kacy Paide
“What are you really passionate about?”

I think we all often quietly ask ourselves this question. When I heard it out loud though, the answer came immediately.  Before “The Inspired Office” was born, I always thought my plethora of interests had to be kept far away from each other, hence, the 5 business cards. The Inspired Office emerged out of what they all had in common- from professional organizing, to feng shui consulting, to time management consulting, to job coaching for government employees with disabilities, to making terrariums. I guess my answer of “organizing paper” came through so clearly because I soon was to see it as the way to combine my loves and talents in a cornucopia of beauty and order.  200 organizing clients later, I knew I needed to not only keep my organizing card, but niche to work with a creative population like myself and stick to my strengths: offices and paper.  Around the same time a friend keenly observed, “God made you good at something the rest of the world hates.”

“Kacy, what are you really passionate about?” asked the big sister.

“It doesn’t sound very glamorous, but… organizing paper.”

I was probably about 13 when I created my first filing system. It housed very important items such as lists my friends and I had made about people we wanted to be friends with and what boys we liked. There it sat on my closet floor until I moved out after college. Upon rediscovery, being that organized at 13 in and of itself gave me a good laugh, let alone the categories I had preserved with such honor!

A DC local, it’s no coincidence I was born into a town with so much paper. During college and for a few years after, I worked for a USAID contractor. One of my most memorable jobs was archiving over a hundred busted and torn boxes of files that had come in from a closed project in the Philippines. The funny thing is that this wasn’t in my job description- I volunteered to sort, label, and archive them. The hours flew by and I was in the zone. My largest filing project to date was for what became more than 30 drawers of documents for a multi-million dollar project. Those jobs were working with paper. Now I work with people, who just happen to have a lot of paper.

I became a professional organizer immediately after graduating college with a degree in cultural anthropology. If ever forced to return to higher education, I would certainly compile my observations of the messy American office. Back in 2001 there weren’t many people pursuing a career in organizing straight out of college. For me, it was the next natural step. Organizing is the only career I’ve ever known.

Other Facts:

  • National Association of Professional Organizers Member since 2001
  • Conducted an independent study project on traditional Balinese architecture in the family compound. Bali, Indonesia, 2000
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Has completed three extensive classical feng shui courses and dozens of traditional feng shui consultations for home and business